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We are a blog about the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand. If you have good knowledge of this place and can tell about the places to visit and things to do, then you can write for us.

You also need to have experience in writing for travel magazines to apply for the post of a guest writer.


If you write for us, you will get to be a part of a popular blog that is read by thousands of people every day. You will become established as a writer in this niche and will get more opportunities in travel magazines.

You will be paid for your work and may get the opportunity to become a permanent member of our writing team if you can prove yourself.


To write for us, you need to first demonstrate your capability. You need to submit a sample of your previous writing that has been published in a travel magazine before. If we find that you have the talent to write for our blog, then we will ask you to send an article for our blog.

We only publish original content. So, you must write from your own experience and knowledge, and not copy anything from what others have written. You should write in a conversational tone to address readers of various backgrounds.

Your writing must be captivating so that the readers feel like reading the entire article. Be sure to choose a good headline to attract the readers and make sure that you avoid any jargon.

You should make sure you proofread the article so that it doesn’t have any grammatical mistakes.

We will review your article once you submit it. We recommend that you provide relevant photos with your article. You should also write a short biography about yourself so that we can include it in the article and a link to your site.

That way you will be getting lots of readers to your site as well. We will notify you once we approve your article and will publish it within a few weeks. Please contact us for further information.